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Time Travel Isn’t Fiction

Whoever says time travel isn’t possible isn’t paying attention.  (Then again, not everyone is a paranormal writer.  We’re prone to think about odd things.)  

I navigated my own time machine a few weeks ago on multi-event, family trip to Arkansas.  (Birthdays and baptisms and in-laws, oh my!)  My portal entry?  The place they held my eleven-year-old nephew’s birthday party–Arkadia.  One ginormous time machine.


Every major video game from my youth surrounded me, some in better condition than others. Even better? We paid one price to get in. For over an hour I was unfettered by the quarter limitations of my teens.

Donkey Kong


Remember how you’d groan in agony when your last man died and you realized how low your coin supply had grown? Funny how time changes things. In those days, ten dollars was a treasure trove that had to last for hours. Today I shell that out for a few gallons of gas and don’t even blink.


The whole thing got me thinking. We time travel all the time. Scents and sounds drudge up all manner of memories, some thick with pain, some overwhelming with joy. But it happens. All the time. Our brains call up long-tucked-away memories and transport us to the past.

Granted, the machine works easier in reverse, but there’s not a creative soul alive that hasn’t used it to travel forward, envisioning what could be.  If you don’t believe me, check this out.

What about you? When is the last time a memory fired up your time machine? Or an idea painted your future?  I’d love to hear your stories.

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