Another part of the writing process for me is immersing myself in music. Not while I’m writing, for some reason, but definitely when the stories are simmering in my head. Around the time I started writing book two in the Eden Series (Healing Eden), I started keeping track of the songs that spoke to me…and the playlists below were born.

Yes, I know there’s not one for Unexpected Eden. I hadn’t quite figured out my writing mojo yet back then, but maybe one of these days I’ll rewind long enough to compile the songs that spoke to me during the process. Until then, I encourage you to roll the windows down, crank the volume up, and get lost in the vibe. Odds are, I’m somewhere doing exactly the same thing and dreaming up a brand new story.

What Janie Wants

Healing Eden

Waking Eden

Eden’s Deliverance

Rough & Tumble

Wild & Sweet

Claim & Protect

Tempted & Taken

Stand & Deliver

Down & Dirty

Trusted & True

Guardian’s Bond

Healer’s Need

His to Defend

Hers to Tame

Mine to Keep