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The Emperor Is Naked – Would You Tell Him?

I’m now officially forty-six years old.  Yes, I know I probably shouldn’t say that out loud, but to hell with it.  I’ve earned everyone of those years, not to mention the wrinkles to prove it.

You’d think by now, somewhere in the middle of my usually self-inflicted chaotic life, I would have learned to keep my mouth shut.  That I’d be able to breathe through those excruciating moments when someone spouts utter nonsense.

But nooooooo.

I have to be like the kid in The Emperor’s New Clothes and point out when folks are running around buck-naked.  (God, please tell me you know The Emperor’s New Clothes.  Please?  Otherwise, I’ll really feel old.)

Now, let me be clear.  I’m not talking about walking around and lashing heartless, thoughtless words to any and everyone.  I’m talking about stating the obvious when it’s clear to everyone what’s going on (or should be clear to everyone), yet no one’s calling the situation what it is.  (Hence the, “Yo emperor.  Those clothes?  Not there,” reference.)

The day job seems to be where I’m most, um, exposed.  (Pun intended.)  I’m kind of an entrepreneurial duck paddling around in a corporate pond, which makes for all kinds of, “Sorry, that makes no kind of sense to me at all.  Can’t you just go direct from A to B instead of spending an extra gajillion dollars talking to X, Y, and Z along the way?”

Like I said, I’m pretty dog-gone sure I’m not the only one who notices when obvious situations pop their head up, but for some reason, I’m one of the few who chimes and says anything out loud.  In fact, there have been some instances where people automatically look to me with an expression that says, “That’s your queue.  Tell ’em what they need to hear.”  Then, sure enough, I open up and let the words fly.

Why do I do that?  After the words are out and I walk away, it just feels like I’m digging myself a corporate grave.  Why am I not content to let things sit like everyone else?

Where do you fall when the pink elephant is stomping around in a room?  Do you call it what it is and talk about it?  Or do you smile politely and let the emperor strut on down the road in his transperant threads?  I dearly wish (most of the time) I was the latter.


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    October 17, 2013 at 9:55 am

    You are who you are, is all I can say Rhenna. I think if you tried to bite your tongue, you’d bite it completely off from frustration. Of course, not being able to hold said tongue doesn’t make your life easier in the corporate world, either. Sorry, no words of sage advice from me. 🙁

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    Susan Jaymes
    October 17, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    I’d have to say I’m the silent type but my opinions run around in my head and sometimes slip from my mouth before I can stop them. It is what it is. Sometimes things just need to be said.

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    CJ Burright
    October 18, 2013 at 11:07 am

    I’m glad there are people like you who tell it like it is – talk about refreshing! Nowadays, everyone’s so concerned about being politically correct and treating everyone fairly and not rocking the boat that it’s so much safer to just keep your trap shut. I might not say my opinions aloud all the time, but my face is very expressive. My arched eyebrow and are-you-serious? look sometimes work better than words…but can still get me in trouble.

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