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I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

I’m having a rare, not-so-deep-in-thought day.  Usually my waking hours are interspersed with deep musings on why people are the way they are and what makes them tick. 

Today, I’m in more of a, “Hey did you notice it’s already May?” kind of mood.  It’s like waking up from what I’d thought was a quick siesta only to find I was in a deep cyber-sleep.  (This is what happens when writers go nose deep in plots and edits.)

But I digress….

Since all things real-world are crisp and clear in my mind today, I wanted to write about…STUFF.

My favorite stuff, to be exact.

You see, for me, the next best thing to finding little gadgets to make my life better, easier, or sweater, is to share them with my pals.  I mean, it’s more fun when you find other people that love the same things you do, right?

So, I’m picking a few of the things I would quickly horde (aside from family and chocolate) if I thought looters were about to hit my house.


My latest piece of iCrack.

My latest piece of iCrack.

Item 1 – The obvious one used to be my iPad.  Anyone who’s been within two-hundred feet of me in the last three years knows how I love my iPad.  I wrote my first manuscript on the darned thing.  (Well, on my first iPad.  I’ve upgraded since then, like a good Appleholics.) 

Nowadays, I’m a little less device specific.  I choose to generalize, call myself an iWhore, and lure my best friends through the Apple store.  I’ve almost managed to scale the peak of unbelievable by converting Dear Old Dad.  He’s embraced everything in that store but an iMac.  <Cracks knuckles and rolls neck.>  Gimme time.  I’ll get there.


This is my model--complete with all the bells and whistles.

This is my model–complete with all the bells and whistles.

Item 2 – Keurigs.  This isn’t as much of a shocker as it used to be either.  I credit myself and other early Keurig lovers with the company’s wide-reaching success.  There’s a reason we’re so giddy to share our find with the masses.  Multiple reasons really.

For starters, the shit is great.  (I’m thinkin’ that’s not going to end up as one of their slogans, but it works for me.)  If you’re a coffee lover, you’re absolutely, freakin’ NUTS if you don’t get one of these machines.  It’s the perfect cup.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Less mess is a big number two.  I hate dishes of any nature.  So, the ability to pop a little cartridge in and then toss it is a BIG win for me.  If you’re worried about environmental issues, you can either leverage a grade schooler with a penchant for art projects and have them make sculptures that fill your house from floor to ceiling, or get one of those reusable things As Seen On TV.  They work just as great and open up the gamut of coffee options.


Life saver.

Life saver.

Item 3 – A clothes steamer.  I surprised you on this one, didn’t I?  But, they’re awesome!  I haven’t picked up an iron since the day I unpacked mine.  Now, when I unfold my summer shirts from their place on the shelf, I just pop them over the little plastic hanger thingy and steam the wrinkles out.  Takes less than a minute.  And I hide it behind my bathroom door so it’s close by during my morning whirlwind panic ritual. 

And you know those outfits you NEVER wear because you’ll have to either send it to the dry cleaners or (God forbid) iron it yourself?  Like linen?  Uh-huh.  Works like a champ.

I can’t remember the brand I bought.  I’ll have to look that up later (not that I’m blogging from work or anything).

Oh, a word of caution from the hubby:  Do NOT steam clothes while they’re on your body.  <Snicker> 

What about you?  What are your favorite gadgets?  Anything that helps you get work done faster?  Makes life easier?  Something that shaves off years?

Like books and red wine, I’m always looking for good recommendations.  And we can’t talk about “Stuff” without hearing from George.

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    kim cleary
    May 24, 2013 at 4:11 am

    I am a appleholic too 🙂 I love my ipad – my best discovery has been Writepad and Evernote. I can write my musings on any device, save to my Evernote cloud then pick up what I’ve written from any device and pop it into Scrivener 🙂 oooohhhhhhhh the steamy thing! I want one !!

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